9 The Best Cooling Hats 2020 – Top Pick’s By an Expert!


Is it summertime, and are you wondering how to keep cool? Then you may need to consider getting a cooling hat. Due to the breathable material used in its making, the water gets able to evaporate through the numerous tiny holes, thereby reducing your body temperature. Are you wondering how to get a cooling hat ideal for you? In this article, you shall get insight into the best cooling hats available on the market today.

Top 5 Best Cooling Hats: Editor Pick’s

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But before then, let’s look at the science behind a cooling heart. Stunningly, with a cooling hat, you continue feeling fresher as the sweating continues. It is because your body heat also evaporates with the sweat. Also, are you aware that the head is among the quickest cooling spots because of its position in our bodies? Wearing a reliable headgear could, therefore, have you cool down within seconds. If you are searching for such a hat, you may need to stop and look at the following cooling hats reviews of the top cooling hats currently on the market.

The Best Cooling Hats Reviews:

1.  MISSION Standard Enduracool Cooling Performance Hat

Do you love being active during summer and are looking for a hat that would keep you cool from morning to evening? Then the MISSION Standard Enduracool Cooling Performance Hat got designed for you. It is among the best cooling hats around and comes with an instant cooling technology which you need to activate by wetting the hat. The activation is no rocket science; you only need to soak it in water then wring it out before wearing. If you want to enjoy instant cooling, wave the hat in the air after wringing, then put it on.

Besides, it feels light on your head because of its lightweight. With its UPF 50 protection, you get protected against harmful sun rays. But the hat’s sweatband will excite you. It helps in regulating moisture evaporation for a long time, making sure you enjoy a more prolonged cooling effect. You may wonder how you remain dry while wearing this hat. All the sweat from your body gets pulled by the ultra-wicking fabric used in making this hat. As a result, your skin stays sweat-free.

Also, the MISSION Standard Enduracool Cooling Performance Hat comes with an adjustable closure, making it ideal for any head size. Keeping it clean is easy; you only need to hand wash it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Instant cooling technology that uses no chemical
  • Long-lasting cooling effect
  • Hand and machine washable
  • Ultra-wicking fabric that keeps you dry
  • Comfortable to wear, and light in weight
  • Adjustable closure to suit all head sizes
  • UPF 50 sun protection technology

2. Columbia Unisex Bora Bora II Booney Hat

Do you love fishing during summer and are looking for the perfect hat to keep you cool as you enjoy catching fish and enjoying the waters? Then the Columbia Unisex Bora Bora II Booney Hat may excite you. Having been designed with a signature wicking fabric that absorbs sweat, it is among the unique cooling hats for hot weather. It also helps in fastening the cap under your chin to prevent the wind from blowing the hat off your head as you navigate the waters in your fishing boat. Because of the discomfort from the hot sun, this hat comes with a sun protection technology known as UPF 50.

You, therefore, need not worry about getting hurt by the harmful UVB and UVA rays. Also, you get to enjoy a prolonged cooling effect from this hat. Thanks to its non-UPF vents, which come induced with a mesh breeze. Also, the Columbia Unisex Bora Bora II Booney Hat can fit any head size attributed to its adjustable toggle and drawcord. Besides, the hat feels comfortable on the head.

You could wonder whether this hat is ideal for wearing outside on any hot day. The answer is yes, thanks to its broad and protective brim. It also gets made using pure textured nylon poplin that helps in keeping your head cool

Highlighted Features:

  • Omni-Wick technology that helps keep you and your clothes dry
  • Ideal for wearing on any sunny day
  • Adjustable features to fit any head size
  • A mesh vent that allows in some breeze
  • UPF 50 technology for protection against the sun’s harsh rays
  • Made with pure textured nylon poplin

3. Muryobao Women’s Outdoor UV Protection Foldable Mesh Wide Brim Beach Fishing Hat

You cannot feel the heat while wearing this hat. The Muryobao Women’s Hat is among the best cooling hats on the market and gets designed with an interior layer of breathable mesh that enhances cooling, comfort, and airflow. Also, its brim comes large and stylish to offer your forehead shade in style. You may wonder why this hat best suits women; the back consists of a ponytail opening. Also, with some buttons on the side, the hat offers more different styles. What’s exciting about this phone is the fact that it fits most head sizes.

Thanks to its breathable and quick-drying polyester, this hat will keep you dry and cool while you fish on a hot day. Also, you get assured that your face and neck get well protected from the harmful sun rays. You need not worry about those windy days on a hat day. This hat comes with adjustable drawstrings to help you secure the cap from being blown off your head. Also, these drawstring helps the hat to stay in position even on non-windy days.

The material used in making the Columbia Unisex Bora Bora II Booney Hat rolls up easily. As a result, it makes it very easy to store or carry the hat around. You can also put it on while you go hiking, hunting, traveling, gardening, or playing any outdoor sport.

Highlighted Features:

  • One size that fits most women
  • Versatile and functional
  • Breathable polyester material
  • Easy to store
  • Adjustable drawstrings
  • Ideal for fishing and other outdoor activities

4. Mission Multi-Cool 12 in 1 Multifunctional Gaiter and Headwear

What’s impressive about this hat is that when wet below the average temperature of your body like 30 degrees, you get to cool instantly! Its advanced cooling technology, which does not use any chemical, is responsible for the fast cooling and qualifies it among the top list of the best cooling hats. To activate the technology, you only need to soak this headwear in water. Then wring out the excess water and snap it three times. When you wear it after this, all the body heat will get absorbed, leaving you comfortable. But you can only stay cool for about two hours. It shouldn’t bother you because you only need to soak it again to reactivate the technology.

Besides helping you to stay cool and dry, this hat will also protect your head from dust, wind, and debris. Thanks to its synthetic material used in its making, this hat effectively absorbs sweat and moisture, thereby allowing you to enjoy a more prolonged cooling effect. Do you love wearing your headgear in different styles? Then you will like this hat. You can wear it in more than 12 different ways and still keep you feeling fresh. Also, the material used protects your head from the dangerous rays from the sun.

Highlighted Features:

  • Absorbs heat and moisture effectively
  • Keeps you cool for a longer time
  • Can be won in more than 12 different styles
  • Advanced chemical-free cooling technology
  • Protects against wind, dust, and debris
  • Sun protection technology of UPF 50

5. Home Prefer Mens UPF 50+ Sun Protection Cap

The Home Prefer Mens UPF 50+ Sun Protection Cap features a neck flap and is ideal for men. It is perfect to wear while doing activities that make you bend like fishing, exposing your neck to the sun. What makes this hat different from the rest is the fact that it keeps both your head and neck cool. It also gets made from pure polyester fabric that dry fast, is breathable, and feels comfortable when worn. Besides, it’s light in weight, and you can barely feel it on your head.

Also, the Home Prefer Mens UPF 50+ Sun Protection Cap comes with mesh vents and a wide brim that enables cold air to move freely through the crown and the hat’s back flap. If you want to adjust the hat to fit well on your head or secure it in case of the wind, you get to use the chip strap. But if you don’t want to use the straps, you get to keep them away as they are removable.

The UPF 50+ technology used in this hat helps protect your head and neck from the harmful UVB/UVA sun rays. The rays get protected up to 98%+. It is the reason this hat is ideal for wearing while doing any outdoor activities like boating, hiking, fishing, or cycling.

Highlighted Features:

  • Mesh vents and wide brim
  • Pure polyester material
  • Removable and adjustable chin strap
  • UPF 50+ advanced technology
  • Ideal for all outdoor activities

6. Cooling Ranger Hat

Like its name, this hat gets designed to resemble a ranger hat. You will enjoy the best cooling effect when wearing this hat attributed to the evaporative PVA material lined around it. The fabric not only allows cold air to circulate freely but also helps in drying out any sweat or moisture, leaving you feeling comfortable. Also, its advanced cooling technology uses no chemical and works like magic.

You only need to soak the hat in water and wring it out before wearing it. Then twirl it in the air and wear. When the cooling effect decreases, soak the cap in the water again to reactivate the cooling effect. What’s impressive about this technology is the fact that the cooling effect lasts for about four hours after soaking the hat. You also need not worry about your face getting burnt by the scourging sun. Thanks to the wide brim that comes with this hat.

If you are looking for a cooling that you’ll enjoy value for your money, the Cooling Ranger is an ideal hat to invest in. It will not only serve you for many years, but you can also use it as many times as you wish without wearing out. You can also spot it quickly as it gets made with an ANSI certified polyester.

Highlighted Features:

  • The instant cooling effect that lasts longer
  • Certified breathable polyester
  • A wide brim that protects your face
  • Advanced cooling technology
  • Protects from destructive sun rays
  • Serves you for many years
  • Highly visible

7. Arctic Hat Evaporative Cooling Hat with UV Protection

If you are searching for an ideal cooling hat to wear during the summer season, then your search ends with the Arctic Hat Evaporative Cooling Hat. It is among the best evaporation cooling hats and features an advanced cooling technology that involves fitting an evaporative cooling liner in the hat’s interior. To activate the cooling system, you only need to put it in water then wring it. Before you wear it, ensure that you twirl it in the air for a while. The cooling effect is instant and lasts for long.

The cooling effect of this hat is optimal; the wet liner ensures you enjoy temperature 200 cooler than that found on the outside. Besides, with the Arctic Hat Evaporative Cooling Hat, you need not worry about the harmful UV sun rays because it comes with a built-in barrier that blocks the UV rays up to 99%. The material used in its making also attributes to its cooling feature. It is breathable, durable, and lightweight. As a result, you get to enjoy the coolness for long, and the hat serves you for many years.

It also comes with ventilation panels that allow cold air to circulate freely while the excess and hot air get out with ease. Anyone in your family can wear this stylish and cooling hat as it gets made as Unisex. You can also adjust it to fit any head size.

Highlighted Features:

  • Interior evaporating liner
  • In-built UV barrier
  • Durable, breathable fabric
  • Ventilation panels
  • Ideal for wearing while doing your outdoor activities

8. Mission Max Cooling Laser Cut Performance Hat

With this hat, you will enjoy going on with your business on a hot day. Its cooling effect is excellent, thanks to its cooling technology that gets activated through soaking the hat in water or when it gets moisture or sweat. When wet, the Mission Max Cooling Laser Cut Performance Hat decreases the temperature to about 300 below the average body temperature, leaving you feeling fresher and comfortable. Before wearing it, you need to first wet, wring, and then wave it in the air. You will stay cool for about two hours. To reactivate the cooling effect, you only need to soak it again in water.

Besides, this hat also gets made from pure polyester that allows cold air to circulate freely and helps in keeping your skin dry. Its front panel comes as perforated to allow airflow and gets well cut to improve the hat’s design. If you want to wear an extra absorbent sweatband, you can do so with this hat due to its lightweight. Also, with its adjustable hook, it can fit any head size. You need not worry about being affected by the sun’s harmful rays as it comes with a UPF 50 protection technology.

Highlighted Features:

  • Chemical-free cooling technology
  • UPF 50 sun protection technology
  • Cools instantly
  • 100% breathable and drying polyester
  • Ideal for wearing while doing your outdoor activities
  • Adjustable hook to enable fit any head size
  • Lightweight and breathable front panel.

9. MISSION Cooling Performance Hat

The MISSION Cooling Performance Hat is among the best cooling hats available today. It enhances you to carry on comfortably with your outdoor activities in the hot sun through the help of its advanced cooling technology that uses no chemicals. You only need to dip this hat in water to activate its cooling effect. When soaked in water or your sweat, it gets helps release moisture that goes away with your body heat, making you feel fresher for longer. Besides, the cooling technology is not rocket science; you only need to soak it in water, wring, then wave it around and wear. The temperature may get cooled 300 below the normal average body temperature within half an hour of activating this system.

This cap comes with an adjustable tab with hook and loop to secure your head well and allow perfect fitting. Therefore, all can wear it in your family as you only need to adjust it to fit your head size. Besides, because of its lightweight, the MISSION Cooling Performance Hat is comfortable to wear. The material used in its making also attributes to its cooling effect as it allows air to circulate freely and helps to keep you dry. It is also easy to clean and maintain. Also, you don’t have to worry about your skin being affected by the harsh sun rays as this hut comes with UPF 50 sun protection technology.

Highlighted Features:

  • Chemical-free advanced cooling technology
  • Pure polyester
  • Cools instantly
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Adjustable to suit various head sizes
  • UPF 50 sun protection technology
  • Machine wash

After getting enlightened about the best cooling hats above, you may get interested in getting yourself one. But you can’t go into a store and pick any. You need to consider some factors before buying a cooling hat for better results. Are you eager to know? Check out the following aspects you need to consider before purchasing a hat to keep you cool.

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Cooling Hat

Protection from the Sun

The sun hits us with its ultra-violet rays that damage our skin, eyes, and enhances our quick aging. An ideal cooling hat is one that protects you entirely from the sun’s harmful rays. To know the hat with the best UV protection, check out for the following UV protection aspects;

a) Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

It gets usually found in creams, lotions, and other cosmetics. It is responsible for measuring the duration the sun protection takes before it wears off and harms your skin.

b) Ultra-Violet Protection (UPF)

It measures the amount of Ultra-Violet Radiation that seeps through your clothes into your skin.

You may also need to consider the hat’s fabric as it impacts the UPF.

The Weaving Tightness

The best cooling cap is the one weaved tightly. A flimsy straw hat made with gaping holes may look attractive, but they attract a lot of moisture and allow the sun’s rays to go through. In return, you don’t enjoy any protection from such hats. For harsh weather, you may need to consider a hat woven tightly and with a considerable UPF.


You may overlook the color aspect, but it plays a significant role in a cooling cap. Light colors like white, beige, or cream reflect UV rays excellently. Other colors such as grey, olive, or tan can act as alternatives. To add style and enhance the hat’s appearance, consider a hat with vibrant colors at its band or rim. Also, keep off from the dark-colored caps as they absorb heat, making your hot body even hotter. As a result, you may experience heat-induced migraines or headaches.


You wouldn’t want a cooling hat that will keep on falling or blown by the wind. Consider buying a hat with adjustable straps or cords for securing the cap comfortably on your head even when hit by the wind.

The Material Used

Go for a hat made with breathable and durable material like polyester, partly or 100% cotton, or nylon. Also, ensure that the material used keeps you cool and protects you maximally from the scourging sun. You may not feel comfortable wearing a massive hat; consider one made with lightweight materials, and can get folded easily for carrying around or storage.


A hat with a moisture-wick lining helps in keeping your face and head dry. You should consider such a cap over your wet hair.


Consider why you need to wear a cooling hat. If you are an active outdoor person, consider the activities you’ll do while wearing such a cooling hat. For example, if cruising with your boat on a windy day, you may need a consider wearing a cooling hat with securing straps. But if just relaxing somewhere like on the beach, a typical cooling hat will work out great. Ensure that the type of cooling cap you choose is quality and offers an optimal cooling effect.


Many people think that products with low prices are always crummy quality, but it’s not always the same. Also, not all expensive hats are of high quality. As long as the cap has all the qualities required for your purposes on a sunny day and you can afford, try it out. Don’t overstretch your pocket. Go for a hat you can afford. Also, if you have the money, you may consider buying the expensive cooling hats as they come with useful extra features.


Go for a cooling that you can quickly get from the store next door. Hats obtained from faraway places may take time to reach you due to the importation and transportation procedures. As a result, you may get inconvenienced due to delays.

Despite having been informed all you need to know about the best cooling hats, you may still have some questions pondering on your mind. To help you out, here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

FAQ’s: Frequently Ask Question About Cooling Hats

Do Hats Keep You Cool?

Yes. Hats do keep you cool, but it depends on the kind of hat you are wearing. Some hats get made to keep us warm during winter, while others help us in cooling down during the summer season. To identify a hat that will keep you fresh, it must have some properties like a wide brim to help offer shade to your face. Also, the material used in its making should be able to allow air to circulate freely. For comfort, the hat should be lightweight and come with some straps to help secure the cap in its position or during strong winds. The hat should also come with a cooling and UV barrier technology to help you stay cool during the sunny day, and protect you from the harmful sun rays. A hat with these qualities will protect your head and neck effectively from the sun, and ensures that you enjoy a prolonged cooling effect.

What is the Best Hat to Wear in Hot Weather?

Specific hats get made for certain weather types, and summer or the hot season is no exception. You cannot wear a hat made for winter during the summer season and vice versa. As a result, many people struggle with this question. First, consider the design of the hat. It should feature some aspects like a large brim to help shield your face. Also, some come with side straps used to dry water, sweat, or moisture from your face as they help keep the hat comfortably in position. Another aspect is the material used. It should be able to keep your skin dry and help the cold air to move in freely while the hot air goes out.

The main feature of the best hat to wear during the hot weather is the technology used for cooling and preventing the harmful ultra-violet rays. Chemical-free effective technologies get preferred most.

How Do I Choose a Sun Hat?

First, when choosing a sun hat, consider both your face and your neck’s back. A hat with a wide brim will offer the best protection. Secondly, consider your face type. You may not want to go for a hat that doesn’t look good on you. For example, if your face is long, go for a hat with a flatter crown, though you may look shorter in it. But people with short faces that look square or round should consider buying hats with high crowns. Such hats will make them look taller. For the petite types, large hats will swamp them up. Also, consider going for a cooling hat with a color that does not attract heat and blends well with other items. For example, a natural straw which goes well with everything. But if you don’t worry about all these elements, a hat with a bigger brim will offer the shade you require during a hot day.

Does Wearing a Hat in the Summer Make You Hotter?

It depends on the kind of hat you wear. You cannot wear a hat designed for the winter and expect to feel cool. You may end up feeling hotter. But if you wear a hat designed for the hot season like the cooling hats discussed above, you will enjoy a more prolonged cooling effect while you carry on with your outdoor activities during summer.

What are the Best Hats for Sun Protection?

The best hat to protect you from the sun is the one with a reliable technology to block the dangerous sun rays from harming your skin. Also, it should come with a system to help you keep cool throughout the sunny day. The materials used in its making should be light and allow air to circulate freely. It should also help in keeping your head, face, and neck dry. Also, if you are the fashionable kind of person, consider the hat’s design and color. Go for a sleek design with colors that bar the heat and blend well with the surroundings.


As illustrated, cooling hats are essential in our lives. They not only help us keep cool during the sunny season, but also protects our skin from the harmful rays from the sun. Also, cooling hats with modern and sleek designs are pleasant to look at and make us look beautiful. As explained above, you may need to consider some factors before buying a cooling hat. If you are not sure of the best cooling hat to purchase, use the list reviewed above as your starting point. Always remember to go for a cooling hat that will meet all your needs and falls within your budget.

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