15 Best Kava Kava Supplements 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide


Healthy choices can be a daunting task because of how we perceive things and handle challenges. Signs of aging, loss of interest in life, lack of sufficient rest, constant anxiety, solitude, lack of appetite, a feeling of loss and procrastination are some of the conditions we tend to struggle with. However, you can overcome these with the best kava thanks to the wide range of available forms. Sleep, for example, is a pertinent issue and influences the general functionality and performance of the body.

Best Kava Kava Supplements: Editor Picks

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Talking and counseling sessions are some of the most common ways that many recommend. It is worth noting that kava comes in powder form, as capsules, as tea, and as an extract. It makes it easy for you to consume and hence handle the condition at hand. Also, seek the help and advice of a physician before taking on kava.  The physician will take you through the process and help you to choose the best option for you.

Out 15 Best Kava Kava Supplements Reveiws:

1. Kava Kava 700mg Capsules

Kava Kava 700mg Capsules
5,240 Reviews
Kava Kava 700mg Capsules
  • Kava Kava (Piper methysticum) is a natural herb...
  • Kava Kava promotes restful sleep, curb cravings,...
  • Kava Kava contains kavalactones that can decrease...

Products with natural extracts guarantee you results. If you require supplements with natural extracts, purchase Kava Kava capsules.  The 700g capsules consist of Piper Methysticum extract. The extract is best known for its ability to not only reduce anxiety but also stress and its symptoms. It counts as one of the best supplements for mental calmness. They are also excellent for preventing headaches while at the same time relieving stress and anxiety. Here are more reasons why you need to purchase this product;

Highlighted Features:

  • It is natural; Kava Kava consists of a natural herbal extract- Piper methysticum. This natural herb works around all stress and anxiety issues. The natural extract makes it a healthier choice compared to other products and supplements.
  • Improves digestive health; our health has a lot to do with what we take in. Kava Kava capsules are a great help when it comes to reducing cravings. Also, they reduce inflammation and boost a healthy and more effective digestive process
  • Relieves stress and boosts stress response; Kava Kava capsules contain kavalactones. These help to relieve stress as well as to prevent headaches. Also, the extract boosts healthier stress response hence better stress management
  • Promotes mental calmness; your mental state plays a great role in your stability. Kava kava capsules enhance positive moods. These boost concentration and productivity.
  • Boosts healthy sleeping patterns; sleep better and perform well at everything you do. With less stress comes more rest which is a healthy sleep
  • Improves blood flow; Vasodilation is the process through which capillaries in the body open up. Relaxation and calm boost blood flow when these are open. These are the best kava capsules

However, note that a large intake has been known to damage the lover. Always consult your physician on the dosage

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2. Wakacon KAVA WAKA Powder

Wakacon KAVA WAKA Powder
1,578 Reviews
Wakacon KAVA WAKA Powder

Ever dreamt of getting a taste of Fiji’s finest Kava? Wakacon KAVA WAKA Powder will give you the finest sensation of what it means to have quality. It is worth noting that this is one of the best kava powder. Again, the dosage depends on the intensity of your need. Most importantly, seek the help of a physician so that you can take it in its right quantity. It has a sweet irresistible taste and also counts as one of the best kava herbal extracts in the world. It is also worth noting that this kava powder gets a noble review after being tested at the University of the South Pacific. If you want the best of these herbal extracts in powder form, this is all you need.

Highlighted Features:

  • Simply irresistible; Wakacon KAVA WAKA Powder not only has a sweet smell but also a great taste with a smooth sensation during consumption
  • It is great for relieving stress; do not let life’s burdens overwhelm you. Take the right dosage and calm your nerves when you feel the world around you is spinning
  • Boosts better sleep; rest is paramount in the world of today where life is demanding. Wakacon KAVA WAKA powder will help you relax hence sleep better
  • Boosts mental calmness; nothing is as priceless as mental calmness
  • Relives anxiety; hence enables you to handle challenges better hence better performance
  • Prevents headaches; have yourself a cup of Fiji’s lateral roots and feel the magic of this Kava powder

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3. Premium Instant Kava Juice

Premium Instant Kava Juice
846 Reviews
Premium Instant Kava Juice
  • ▶SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!: We grow some of the...
  • ▶PREMIUM INSTANT KAVA: This ain’t no...

Have you tried the organic Kava Juice by Hana Naturals? I have not come across a producer so confident about their products like Hana naturals are. An instant Tin assures you that you can have the kava Juice whenever you need it. It is worth noting that the Kava Juice comes in Instant Tins of 25g. Also, the pack is light and small this makes it portable for when you need to travel. Kava juice is known to work perfectly when relieving stress and anxiety. The Connoisseur Blend guarantees your satisfaction. Here is why the Premium Instant Kava Juice is the best pick for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Instant; forget about having to wait when you need it. kava Juice is instant and surprisingly filling
  • Organic; you never have to worry about your health. The Premium Instant Kava Juice is truly organic. It is non-GMO and does not contain the harsh artificial chemicals that are dangerous to your body.
  • Boosts your sleep; improve the quality of your sleep with the regular intake of the kava instant juice. Note that the extracts in this premium kava also boosts the time you take to fall asleep
  • Relieves anxiety; there are a lot of symptoms associated with anxiety disorders. Kava juice helps to relieve these
  • Treats insomnia; again, it helps improve your sleeping patterns. It does this by enabling you to sleep longer and more peacefully

Again, it is worth noting that these count as supplements. Therefore, they should only be taken with the help and recommendation of a physician.

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4. Natrol Kava Kava 200mg Capsules

Natrol Kava Kava 200mg Capsules
634 Reviews
Natrol Kava Kava 200mg Capsules
  • NATURAL CALMING HERB: Natrol Kava Kava 200 mg is a...
  • MAY PROMOTE RELAXATION: Kava Kava is an...
  • CALM MIND AND BODY: Daily use of this natural herb...

When we talk about productivity, a calm mind goes hand in hand with a calm body. healthy living is not always about having a calm mind. Stress can be inevitable because life demands that you work, meet and overcome challenges. When stress levels are over the roof, you may find yourself plunging into depression. As a result, physicians recommend healthy supplements that boost your body and mental health and calmness. Natrol Kava Kava capsules are natural herbal supplements that come in  200g capsules. Note that consumption should be according to the prescription. Here is why you need to purchase this product.

Highlighted Features:

  • Promotes relaxation; after a long day at work, you need to be calm and to relax
  • Calms the body and mind; the Natrol Kava Kava capsules calm both the body and then mind hence a healthier option
  • Reduces stress levels; manage stress better by taking in organic herbal capsules. These supplements are known to work well
  • Helps you manage anxiety symptoms; anxiety can make you lose focus on what you are doing. The inability to contain anxiety is what leads to stress. Natrol Kava Kava capsules help you manage anxiety and its symptoms
  • Boosts healthy resting habits; if you are struggling with insomnia, these capsules will help you sleep better. They work by enabling you to sleep longer and also enabling you to fall asleep faster
  • Incredibly low prices; you get this incredible product from prices as low as $6.12 ($0.20 / Count)
  • Quality guaranteed; all you have to do is take the capsules and watch them work on you

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5. Gaia Herbs Kava Kava Root

Gaia Herbs Kava Kava Root
474 Reviews
Gaia Herbs Kava Kava Root
  • [PACKAGING MAY VARY] Includes 1 (60 Count) Gaia...
  • 20 Day Supply - Adults take 1 capsule 3 times...
  • A vegan kava supplement designed to support a...

Being vegan is one of the best things to be in life. Even so, dieting never has to be a problem. The Gaia Truths have transformed nature’s best into healthy living options. With over 25 species of herbs, they go a long way in blending the right fusion for you. if you are struggling with anxiety and emotional stability, this product from the island of Vanuatu is just what you need. It is worth noting that its harvesting is ecological hence purely herbal and natural. Here is why you need to get these vegan liquid capsules.

Highlighted Features:

  • Vegan Liquid Capsules; the supplements are perfect for vegans who are struggling with the issues on the list. Anxiety, stress, nervousness, poor sleeping patterns among others. These capsules are free of gluten, peanuts, dairy meat, sesame, soy, shellfish, yeast, and egg
  • Boosts calm and relaxation; these capsules are the perfect remedy for boosting calm and relaxation of the body and the mind
  • Ecologically harvested; note that these are non-GMO. These are not grown with any chemicals or pesticides
  • Promotes emotional well-being; these supplements stand out due to their ability to promote emotional stability.
  • Purely herbal; they do not contain chemicals and artificial additives


  • It is advisable not to use these supplements if you;
  • Have or had any liver problems
  • Are taking other types of medication
  • If you take alcohol
  • If you have a medical condition; seek advice from your physician

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6. NOW Supplements, Kava Kava 250 mg, 60 Veg Capsules

NOW Supplements, Kava Kava 250 mg, 60 Veg Capsules
486 Reviews
NOW Supplements, Kava Kava 250 mg, 60 Veg Capsules
  • Contains kava kava extract 250 milligram
  • Prepared from the root of a shrub called the...
  • Other ingredients include Cellulose (capsule),...

NOW continues to provide healthier options for their consumers since 1968. The production of the Kava Kava vegan capsules is just one of the many ways. Vegans may face a challenge when shopping for supplements because of the ingredients in the products on the market. These capsules contain 30% kavalactones, a component that boots calmness and relaxation. Its herbal relaxing blend makes it the best cava capsules for someone in need of relaxation. Note that this cuts across the calmness of both the body and the mind.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for relaxation; these capsules contain 30% kavalactones. The component is known to boost relaxation
  • GMP Quality Assured; these capsules are certified, It simply means that the whole production process has been tested for potency and stability
  • Purely herbal; these capsules are all-natural. They do not contain any pesticides and chemicals. Also, note the harvesting is done ecologically
  • A healthy choice for vegans; you never have to worry about the ingredients and contents. These capsules are eggs, gluten, soy, sesame, shellfish, yeast, nut, and gluten-free
  • Boosts a good and positive mood; nothing helps get things done more than a good, stable and positive mood. These have just the right components
  • Improves sleeping patterns; with a relaxed body and mind, you get to sleep better. The NOW Kava Kava capsules work by enabling you to fall asleep in less time. It also works by helping you sleep longer and peacefully.

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7. Micronized Instant Kava Powder

Micronized Instant Kava Powder
128 Reviews
Micronized Instant Kava Powder
  • Micronized Kava - Instant Kava - No Preparation...
  • Simply stir in 2-4 teaspoons in any beverage and...
  • Specially processed to remove coarse fibers

KALM micronized Instant coffee Kava powder is one of the best herbal supplements on the market. The fact that it is instant makes it easy for you to take it. It is worth noting that this Kava Powder does not have coarse fiber. The processing process is so refined the manufacturer wants you to enjoy your drink. Also, you will note the changes as soon as you have your third sip. This Kava powder is especially effective for boosting calmness and enhancing relaxation.

Highlighted features:

  • Versatile; the instant Kava powder comes in 2oz, 4oz, and 8oz. This description is for the 4oz Instant Kava powder
  • Perfect for calmness; being calms enables you to function properly. This instant Kava powder calms both your body and your mind.
  • Easy to use; you can take between 2 to 4 teaspoons by adding it to a beverage of your choice and enjoy. Counts as the best kava tea
  • Made of high quality; this instant kava powder is so refined it lacks coarse fibers hence a smooth and satisfying sensation while taking it
  • Relieves anxiety; enables you to get rid of anxiety as well as prevents its symptoms
  • Boosts better rest; with calm and relaxation comes better-sleeping patterns and enough rest


  • Not used as a prescription to cure a diagnosis
  • It is not suitable for use by expectant or lactating mothers
  • If you have or had liver problems before
  • Not suitable for you if you take alcohol regularly
  • If you are currently under medication
  • Also, note that it impairs your ability to operate heavy machinery.

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8. Borongoru Vanuatu Kava Root

Borongoru Vanuatu Kava Root
112 Reviews
Borongoru Vanuatu Kava Root
  • Fresh Vanuatu Kava!
  • Premium Borongoru Variety - Not available anywhere...
  • An excellent Kava for both experienced and new...

Barongoru kava is known for its incompatible premium quality. The fact that it is not available anywhere else in the US makes it a selection to choose from. To begin with, the Borongoru Vanuatu Kava Root comes in ground powder form. Note that it is a root and therefore, it is not refined because it is not micronized. If you are looking for a herbal supplement and are not sure where to start from, this could be it. With the help of your physician, you can go through the details and try this product. Also, note that Borongoru Vanuatu Kava Root gives the best results when used with warm water, Avoid cold or hot water.

Highlighted Features:

  • Premium Kava Root; counts as one of the best quality kava and is only available in Borongoru Vanuatu region in the US
  • Relieves stress; the day to day worries and burdens of life can be daunting. The supplement helps ease stress
  • Clams the nerves; takes away your nervousness by boosting calmness
  • Excellent for relaxation; calms both the body and mind hence proper functionality
  • Ideal for newbies; this Kava is known to be suitable for new users


  • May lead to liver injuries as it may contain dietary supplements that may harm it
  • Not suitable for those who frequently use alcoholic beverages
  • Not suitable for those on medication
  • Lactating and expectant mothers

Consult your doctor or physician if you note the following symptoms; fever, pale stools, vomiting, abdominal pain, dark urine, loss of appetite and fatigue that you cannot explain

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9. Nature’s Answer Kava-6 Vegetarian Capsules

Nature's Answer Kava-6 Vegetarian Capsules
207 Reviews
Nature's Answer Kava-6 Vegetarian Capsules
  • Nature’s Answer Kava-6 delivers 100 mg of...
  • All in a convenient vegetarian capsule. It’s...
  • Kava, also known as kava kava, ava pepper, kava...

Nature’s Answer never compromises quality because they know just how important it is for you. They always blend minerals, vitamins and the best of herbs to bring you healthy supplements. Their Vegetarian and Vegan products especially stand out because these lot also need supplements. These supplements are typically made up of 100 mg of Kavalactones per serving. The manufacturer also incorporates phytopharmaceutical manufacturing to give you the best quality supplements.

Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for vegetarians; the ingredients of these herbal supplements are suitable or vegetarians hence a healthy choice for all
  • It contains Kavalactones; which is typically 100g per serving. The component is known to boost relaxation and calmness
  • Relieves tension and stress; thanks to the Kavalactones component. Tension and stress can hinder your day to day functioning. Take these supplements and handle stress, anxiety, and nervousness better
  • Promotes calm and relaxation; these capsules work by calming the body and the mind. Also, enables you to think clearly and make better decisions
  • Boosts better resting patterns; with calm and relaxation comes better-sleeping patterns and longer hours of sleep


  • Should only be taken with the advice and or prescription from the doctor or physician
  • These supplements are not intended to prevent, cure, treat or diagnose any disease

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10. Bulksupplements Kava Kava Extract Powder

Bulksupplements Kava Kava Extract Powder
16 Reviews
Bulksupplements Kava Kava Extract Powder
  • Contributes to calm feeling of well-being
  • May help promote healthy sleep

Bulksupplements are another force to reckon with when it comes to the best quality kava. They boast of delivering nothing but the best-refined kava powder on the market. The production, processing, and packaging of the kava extract are unique. If you are looking for the perfect remedy for anxiety and tension relief, this is the best product for you. It is also worth noting that it contains about 15% of kavalactones hence reliable. Here is why this is the best supplement for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Purely herbal; the Bulksupplements Kava Kava Extract Powder is all-natural. Note that it extracted from Piper methysticum, which is a botanical source. Note that this is done ecologically
  • It is clean and pure; the whole extraction process is so precise it guarantees the best quality Kava extract powder
  • Easy to open and close; the Kava extract powder comes in a sealed foil zip pouch hence easy to open, use, and close
  • Ideal for calming tension; counts as the best kava extract powder for relieving tension/ Whatever the causative agent, simply mix the powder extract in your beverage and you will be less tense after a while
  • Calms the body and the mind; this boots your functionally, concentration, and performance
  • Relives anxiety; and also relieves anxiety symptoms as well as prevents headaches


  • The Bulksupplements Kava Extract Powder is not intended to cure, prevent or treat a medical condition
  • Not suitable for expectant and lactating mothers
  • Only use with the recommendation of a doctor or physician

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11. Samsara Herbs Kava Kava Extract Powder

Samsara Herbs Kava Kava Extract Powder
204 Reviews
Samsara Herbs Kava Kava Extract Powder
  • ✅ FEEL CALM & RELAXED. Experience the natural...
  • ✅ REBALANCE SLEEP & ENERGY. Our powder mixes...
  • ✅ RESTORE NATURALLY. Kava tea can be used as a...

Fijian kava never disappoints. For those who know the value and quality of supplements from the South Pacific, you know you need this. Samsara Herbs Kava Kava Extract Powder is known for its excellence and boosting calmness and causing relaxation. Stress and restless will be a bygone the moment you start taking on this kava extract powder. Moreover, it is instant hence hassle and stress-free in terms of preparation. With a composition of 30% Kavalactones, you will only need to consume a small amount of the extract and still witness incredible results.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is instant; forget about having to wait for it to get ready. It is so refined you take it hassle-free
  • Fine and pure; the Fijian kava extract is of the finest quality and has a great test too
  • Non-GMO; this kava extract powder is purely herbal. Samsara Herbs kava extract powder is pure and natural. It does not contain any GMO as it is not grown with any chemicals or pesticides. Your health is of the highest priority
  • It contains 30% Kavalactones; known to be of the highest strength. As a result, you only need a small amount of the same
  • Excellent calming and relaxing herb; guarantees you the best results when you are tense or nervous
  • Relieves stress and restlessness; the calming and relaxing effect also relieves stress and restlessness
  • Boots better-sleeping patterns; with calmness and relaxation comes longer durations of sleep and better sleeping patterns

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12. Kavafied KAVA Supreme Powder

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Apart from being a Noble Premium Quality Kava Root (8oz), why else should you drink the KAVA supreme powder? AluBall Kava Maker continues to promote healthy living with the production of quality supplements. For so many thousands of years, AluBall Kava maker has produced supplements that have been used for a wide range of activities. These have been used for religious, cultural, medicinal, and social events. It has 6 Kavalactones that give it a super relaxing effect that makes this the best kava powder for relaxation. Among other reasons, here is why you should get this kava supreme powder.

Highlighted Features:

  • Premium quality; again, this kava extract powder is a noble premium quality kava root. The production and manufacturing process guarantees nothing but the purest and finest form of premium kava
  • Strong and smooth; a supplement should not only be strong but also smooth and palatable
  • Easy to prepare; the Kavafield KAVA supreme powder is easy to prepare. You can either use a Kavafied Kava Strainer Bag or an AluBall Kava Maker
  • It contains 6 Kavalactones; Dihydromethysticin, Kavain, Methysticin, Demethoxyyangonin, Yangonin, and Methysticin. These have a relaxing effect on you.
  • Relieves stress; enables you to get through a stressful situation easily
  • Boots emotional well-being; enables you to work through your emotions carefully. As a result, you can handle situations without necessarily getting emotional
  • Excellent for calm and relaxation; thanks to Kavalactones. The kava extract powder also has a soothing effect on you

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13. Oregon’s Wild Harvest Kava Root Capsules

Oregon's Wild Harvest Kava Root Capsules
79 Reviews
Oregon's Wild Harvest Kava Root Capsules
  • Calm and clear the mind
  • Supports feelings of relaxation
  • NO artificial flavors, colors, excipients or...

Life’s demands can be so pressing that you may find yourself losing it. At such times, all you need is to find your peace and calm. Supplements are a great choice especially when they add value to your health. Oregon has seen the need in society and taken a step to produce the best kava for anxiety.  They understand that humans run so much on emotions hence the need to maintain a balance. Kava never disappoints when it comes to helping you to regain and maintain your sanity.  For thousands of years, they continue to produce the best kava root capsules from the South Pacific just for you.  Here is why you need this supplement.

Highlighted Features:

  • All-natural; Oregon’s Wild Harvest Kava Root Capsules are non-GMO
  • Boosts calmness and relaxation; these supplements calms your body and your mind and enables you to relax even on your worst days
  • Herbal and natural; does not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or additives
  • Boosts a positive mood; relieves stress by enhancing feelings of relaxation and calm
  • Boosts emotional well-being; hence the ability to manage extreme emotions and feelings better

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14. Kava Kava Capsules – 90 Kosher Vegan Caps

Kava Kava Capsules - 90 Kosher Vegan Caps
59 Reviews
Kava Kava Capsules - 90 Kosher Vegan Caps
  • SUPPORTS NORMAL STRESS LEVELS: Prepared from Fresh...
  • EASY TO SWALLOW CAPSULES: Avoid the Pungent Flavor...
  • Our Kava Supplement is VEGETARIAN, KOSHER and...

Pure Mountain Botanicals care so much about your health. They understand that a vegan diet is a healthy choice hence go out of their way to make you healthy supplements. Their vegan capsules are made with 400mg Wild Vanuatu Kava Root Extract. The ingredients are purely vegan and so you do not have to worry about putting your health at risk. Here is why you need these vegan capsules.

Highlighted Features:

  • All-natural and herbal; made from wild Vanuatu kava root extract
  • Versatile; excellent for vegans. Also, note that kosher, vegetarian and gluten-free. It makes it a worthwhile investment
  • Normalizes stress levels; boots mental calmness, stability and relaxation
  • Easy to swallow; the capsules are easy to swallow
  • Boosts relaxation; the ingredients are non-GMO with no added chemicals or additives
  • Promotes emotional well-being


  • Not for use by expectant and lactating mothers
  • Not to be used to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose diseases
  • Avoid if you take alcohol regularly
  • Watch out for liver condition symptoms such as dark urine, yellow eyes/skin, pale stool among others

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15. Oregon’s Wild Harvest Kava Root Capsules, 90 Count

Oregon's Wild Harvest Kava Root Capsules, 90 Count
79 Reviews
Oregon's Wild Harvest Kava Root Capsules, 90 Count
  • Calm and clear the mind
  • Supports feelings of relaxation
  • NO artificial flavors, colors, excipients or...

Oregon’s Wild harvest continues to produce supplements that help us manage our emotions better. It is worth noting that we feel emotions because we are human beings and we are functional. Stress, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, and doubt can grow into more serious health issues when not handled. Oregon’s Wild harvest saw it best to solve the issue by producing healthy supplements for you. Whether stress, anxiety or just the need to be calm, here is why their products are to go for.

Highlighted Features:

  • All herbal and natural; products by this manufacturer are always herbal. They are non-GMO and do not contain any artificial additives, colors or flavors
  • Boosts relaxation; supplements enable you to relax hence think more calmly and clearly
  • Relives anxiety; and anxiety symptoms. Also prevents headaches
  • Relives stress and restlessness; boosts calm and relaxation
  • Boosts emotional well-being; with the mental stability and general health comes maximum concentration and productivity
  • Calms and clears the mind; promotes day to day healthy living

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Buying guide: Things To Look When Select Kava Kava Supplements

1. Type of supplements

By the type of supplements, I’m simply referring to your need. What emotions and or conditions are you dealing with? As you can see, Kava supplements are excellent at enabling you to get rid of, balance, and even prevent some emotions.  Again, always seek help and advice from a doctor or physician. They will always help you get the most suitable supplements for your needs.

2. The form of supplement

We all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to taking supplements. Just like medicine, some people prefer tablets to injections while others prefer syrups to capsules. Kava supplements come in a wide range; capsules and powder. Also, note that there is a variety of Kava powder. There is instant kava that is very fine, premium Kava extract juice and the kava powder that needs a bit of working on before taking. When taking kava powder, be sure to use warm water. Additionally, watch out for advice, recommendations, and contradictions.

3. The need

Avoid taking supplements without a recommendation from a physician. Just because it is working for someone else does not mean it will work for you. Kava comes from different manufacturers. Also, they are designed to solve different problems. Therefore:

  • First, identify your need
  • Secondly, assess the available options
  • Lastly, select your best product

4. The highlighted features/ingredients

What a product can do for you should be the main reason why you are getting that product in the first place. You do not want to supply a sample a couple of things because they seem interesting or attractive. There are many ways of identifying a genuine product. First, do your research online. Secondly, make use of online reviews, product descriptions and buying guides from leading retailers. It is worth noting that kava has different ingredients that suit different dietary needs. There is Kava for vegans, vegetarians, and those no observing strict diets. Only purchase kava that suits your needs.

5. The cost

It is not always true that the cost of a product is directly proportional to its quality. Sometimes, where you shop is what makes the difference. Did you know that you can get up to 50% off on your kava? Whether vegan or vegetarian, there are many coupons online that enable you to get your kava at the most affordable price. Additionally, shopping from renowned stores like Amazon not only guarantees you the best quality but also the best price. Therefore, always look at your products up on Amazon first.

6. The manufacturer

There is a variety of manufacturers that are changing the game on the market and in the industry. This has more or less to deal with the brand. It is about identifying the country of origin and of course, the reputation that it has on the market. Many, including myself, are fond of Fijian and Oregon Kava. It is because these manufacturers put together nothing but the best quality kava. It does not matter if you want kava powder or capsules. KALM, Oregon, and Fiji; brands to look out for every time you go shopping.

7. Availability and shipment

Online shopping has overcome barriers by enabling us to shop at and from any location in the world. Even so, there are still challenges. Despite wanting a product, you may find that the vendors in-charge do not ship it to your country. Therefore, you get suggestions to view similar products that may or may not satisfy you. As a result, always check the availability, shipment, and terms of service. Sometimes these can frustrate you hence unable to get what you need and also help yourself.

FAQs About Kava Kava Supplements

1. What is the best kava for anxiety?

Anxiety is a seemingly harmless condition that can harm your general health and well-being. The cares of life will always be there. However, sometimes it can get so overwhelming that it becomes a concern, whatever the situation. Some supplements are made for this need. Fijian kava never disappoints when it comes to anxiety. Look out for Gaia Herbs Kava Kava Root for vegans and Kava Kava 700gm capsules for the rest. These two contain six kavalactones; a powerful component that fights anxiety relieves it, prevents its symptoms as well as headaches.

2. How long do you feel the effects of kava?

To start with, different types of kava have different types of effects. Just like medication, these effects vary as they depend on the type of kava that you take. The general effect of these, like others I typically between 1 and 3 hours. However, it is worth noting that kava for anxiety can last longer. Also, the effects are bound to make you relax, calm and hence sleepy. Therefore, be sure to take it when you can find some time to relax. Preferably in the evening if you are taking kava for stress, anxiety or calmness. It is because it also helps you sleep better.

3. What brand of kava is the best?

In as much as every brand is out there to make a name for themselves, we have to recognize the best products. If you have heard about Vanuatu, you know that nothing but great if not premium quality comes from this region. Kalm with Kava is known for not only producing quality products but also efficient ones. Again, you can look the product up and the truth is you will want to try it out by all means. Kalm with kava has the best ingredients for relieving stress, anxiety, nervousness and boosting calm and rest.

4. Is Kava really bad for your liver?

In life, there are always two sides to a coin. Even the best of everything has a slightly negative thing concerning it.  When you read through the kava effects and warnings, you will notice the associations with the liver. The truth is, some forms of kava are harmful to your liver. Note, avoid taking kava if you have any liver condition or have suffered from similar conditions before. Also, avoid kava if you are on medication. The answers are always in the package.

5. Can you take kava long term?

Like other drugs, Kava works in similar ways. You already know that when you use a drug for too long you develop health issues. It is no exception when it comes to kava. Long-term use of kava has been identified with health issues such as weight loss, apathy, dependency, malnutrition, and the damage of the liver. Liver damage has symptoms such as pale skin, dark urine, abdominal pains, and many more.

Final Verdict

Herbal supplements are healthier choices in comparison with artificial ones. Kava supplements; powder and capsules cater to the needs of vegans and vegetarians as well. They also attend to different needs as they cut across the best kava kaba. Consult with a physician and be free to talk about your challenges. You will get the right supplements for stress, anxiety, calm, nervousness and also be able to boost your sleeping patterns. Kalm with Kava and Oregon’s Wild Harvest are brands to look out for. They are the best kava supplement. As you handle the pressure of life, do not let the demands overwhelm you. Take the right kava for you and take care of your emotional well-being. With stability comes concentration, productivity, and fulfillment.

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